Terms and Conditions La Serenissima S.p.A.

The company La Serenissima S.p.A. guarantees its customers that the personal data provided by customers at the time the order is placed is collected with the sole purpose of bringing to fruition the purchase contract.
La Serenissima S.p.A. ensures that the personal data supplied by its customers will not be used for the purposes of information and / or promotion of advertising material, as well as the implementation of market research or interactive commercial communication.

For information or assistance: tel. (+378) 0549 878102
E-mail address: info@laserenissima.sm
Skype: la.serenissima.rsm

La Serenissima S.p.A.
Via XXV Marzo, 67
47895 - Domagnano (RSM)
C.O.E. SM00214