Torta Tre Monti


This is the typical cake of the Republic of San Marino, completely hand made.
Five fragrant layers of round wafer filled with chocolate and hazelnut cream and crowned with a delicious rich dark chocolate. It has a very delicate and crispy taste.
A traditional pastry-making of quality, with natural ingredients and free from preservatives, it has also a 12 month self-life from the date of production.

Artigianato Sammarinese

It is still made with the same original handcraft techniques since 1942.

For its characteristic it has been recognized with the “ Mark of Typicality Origin of Handcraft Products” of the Republic of San Marino.

a) Mignon carton pack. size net. wt 2.47 oz.
b) Carton box pack. size net. wt 9.52 oz.
c) Metal box pack. size net. wt 9.52 oz.